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Grief Resources Library


For those people who have computer access, the following sites may provide some support, information and links to other sites.


The following list includes just some of the many excellent resources for children and adults. Check with your local book store, or with the T.B. Scott Free Library in Merrill, or the Marathon County Public Library for books on grief for children and adults.


The 10th Good Thing About Barney
Judith Viorst. The death of a pet teaches grief lessons.

The Saddest Time
Norma Simon. Three stories about the death of an uncle, a grandparent and a classmate.

Sunflower Mountain
Kathleen Foster-Morgan. The love of children for their grandparents.

Tell Me Papa
Joy and Mary Johnson. Helpful information to prepare a child for a funeral.

You Hold Me and I'll Hold You
Jo Carson. The power of healing touch at times of loss.

After Charlotte's Mom Died
Cornelia Spelman. A daughter and father find hope for the future.

When Nothing Makes Sense
G. Deskin and G. Streckler. Children and Crisis related stress.


When a Friend Dies
Marilyn Gootman. A story to help teens validate their feelings.

Flowers for the Ones You've Known
Centering Corporation. A support group for teens in book form.

Straight Talk About Death
Earl Grollman. Straight from the heart information for teens.


No Time for Goodbyes
Janice Harris Lord. How to cope with the feelings around a tragic sudden death.

After the Death of a Child
Ann Finkbeiner. Living with loss through the years.

A Grief Observed
C.S. Lewis. A famous author talks about the death of his wife.

Helping Adults with Mental Retardation Grieve a Death Loss
C. Luchterhand and N. Murphy.

Final Gifts
Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley. Understanding the special communications of the dying.

Man to Man
Ralph Milton. The special needs of men in grief.

Midlife Orphan
Jane Brooks.

The Widow's Handbook
Charlotte Foehner and Carol Cozart. A guide for living.

For further information, referral of one-to-one grief support, please contact:
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